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“I’m savoring Wild Love Story like I would savor German Chocolate Cake, one   bite at a time.”  B. M.

“When I want to be on the trails but can’t go, I pick up this book and find peace.”  R. M. C.

“I found myself wanting to sit down with a cup of coffee and really spend time with this book.  The writing style is conversational, yet poetic.”  J. J.

“I have purchased eight copies so far, and each time I feel like a patron of the arts!”  V. S.

“It’s the most personally written book I have come across in a long time.  R. A.

“This book is my spiritual bible!”  H.B.

“I pick it up each day to read something new and then review what I read the day before and look at the beautiful photos again to see what I missed in the detail.”  E.F.


“Wild Love Story is heartbreakingly beautiful.”  J.S.

“It’s like I get to walk through the forest with the author.”  S.S.

“I’m going to share Wild Love Story with everyone.  The book makes me cry.  It will be our coffee table book forever!”  P.R.

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